A Working Epitaph

The Stone is not permission It does not ask It does not give It simply serves To remind What little time we have To Live - - - - - - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I cross Waterloo Bridge twice a day. Whenever I do, I see Cleopatra's Needle. It is older than the city it stands… Continue reading A Working Epitaph

How many died?

While you were silent As the last note decayed in the air Lingering against birdsong And you bowed your head slightly In reverence At the correct angle Your hand upon your hand Like a school child Reciting the rote-learned verse of prayer As you thought upon Brave men with moustaches Or the weather Or dinners… Continue reading How many died?

Hit it and Split

I guest presented an episode of my mom's podcast 'Hit it and Split' last Sunday (23/09). My mom 'DJ Deb' has been DJing for some years now, largely as a part of The Shout Collective (also featuring my dad Norman, Jamie Renton- the man behind Chilli Fried and Aly Prince, who hosts the equally excellent The… Continue reading Hit it and Split

My Knee Hurts and I Want a Drink

Pintless and one pint less, dizzy stream of thought and footfall and I desperately, internally construct, deconstruct, reconstruct responses to the latest episode of the sporadic and weighty drama of friendship. Being told I can’t drink for 24 hours makes me want to drink for 24 hours. I snuck some fino in the pasta sauce… Continue reading My Knee Hurts and I Want a Drink

Stayhome Catdad

What I did when I didn't go out this weekend. It was either Alan Moore or Stewart Lee, when describing the development of storytelling from DC in the ‘40s to Marvel in the ‘60s, who said the shift from one to two-dimensional central characters chiefly involved giving them attributes such as ‘a bad leg’. Well,… Continue reading Stayhome Catdad