long time no post


I was reminded that this website exists the other day when I received an email telling me I’d be charged for it in a few days.

Being that I’ve shelled out for another year, I thought I may as well make some use of it. 

So here are some things that have happened since the last time I posted anything. Some very good. Many bad. Some worse. Some worst. So it goes, quoth Uncle Kurt.

My uncle died.
My dad became ill.
A long-term relationship ended.
A legal procedure began.
I met someone new.
A pandemic happened.
I got very ill.
I got better.
The legal procedure ended.
I got a new job.
My new partner moved in with me.
My cat, my boy, was killed by a driver who did not stop.
I stopped drinking.
I entered a deep depression.
Something nearly happened.
But it didn’t happen.
I started seeing an analyst.
And taking antidepressants.
And little by little
I got better.

Through it all, I wrote. Through joblessness, through busy times of work. Through heartbreak, through joy. At times, it was the only thing that kept me sane. I wrote and I wrote. And I ended up with… far too much.

Earlier this year, I went to an Arvon writer’s retreat, which was a bit of a revelation. Under some excellent tutilage, and feedback from brilliant peers, I was able to cut a load and shape it into something that’s starting to look pretty good.

I’ll try and post more on a regular, if only for my own sanity.


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