By Thomas S.S. Druker

A play in one act


Dramatis Personae:

TOM: A man of pedestrian wont and interest.
READER: You, the reader.

Act one (of one)
In which our subject says hello.

TOM, a man in his mid-to-late 30s, as indicated by the persistent furrow of his brow and the ever mounting flecks of grey in his slovenly-acquired facial hair, sits in a chair, reading a book. It is a good book. A challenging book. It is a book he has opened in an effort to impress you. Moments before he had been dicking around on the internet or reading 2000AD, but he heard you coming.

He looks over his reading glasses and smiles. He puts the book down and rises to his feet.


Ah! Hello and welcome, dear READER, to my internet zone! Please make yourself at home, and feel free to explore this haven, this assemblage of wonders and curios, hewn from the curious mind of I, your humble guide. You will find fiction and non-fiction, published by others and myself. Laugh! Weep! Be transported to other realms solely by the wonder of glyphs, expertly selected and tastefully arranged in order. Though the collection presently runs small, its quality is unassailable and intent beyond reproach.
Please do enjoy.