Paris Song

After 20 (twen-tee!) years, my old band Bogus Gasman have finally released their debut album. It’s called ‘Don’t Get Your Hopes Up’ and you can listen to it HERE

Here’s an old song I did with them. It’s the only one where I sang, it’s the only one that was just us as a 3 piece (shout out Screw and Eoin, the best rhythm section in the game) and easily the shortest one we did, barring the 8-Second Song.

It’s about a time I was in Paris, staying with my mate Sophie, desperately trying to dry myself out after a tough run of life. I spent the days while she was at work exploring the city, and one day I saw something that threw me for an existential loop.


So, his body was cold
Was slow

A peaceful look
Through sober eyes
One (of) the most beautiful things
That I’ve seen for a while

It was recorded by Tim Cedar of the excellent Part Chimp, and my set up here is a Travis Bean TB1000A plugged straight into my Kelly 50 Watt Treble and Bass knock-off, turned ALL THE WAY UP. No pedal, no gain, just an amp so loud it distorts. Beautiful.

Hit it and Split

I guest presented an episode of my mom’s podcast ‘Hit it and Split’ last Sunday (23/09).

My mom ‘DJ Deb’ has been DJing for some years now, largely as a part of The Shout Collective (also featuring my dad Norman, Jamie Renton- the man behind Chilli Fried and Aly Prince, who hosts the equally excellent The Folk and Roots Show on RNIB radio). After one set I thought she should have her own podcast, so I put her in contact with my pal Conan Neutron, who set up the radio station Radio NOPE a couple of years ago.

She’s been asking me to go on for a while, but since I played a load of punk, dancehall and industrial noise it might be a while before I do another.

The show goes out every Sunday at 4pm UK time on Radio NOPE. I addition to DJ Deb, it has an exciting and varied roster of guest presenters, including Adam ‘Bottleneck’ Blake and Sam Holloway (who helped me record this episode!)

Please do enjoy my show HERE!

Full archive here!

Exec producer

Lady Leshurr – Upset
The Slits – Love Und Romance (Peel Sessions 1977)
Sacred Paws – Strike A Match
Wat Tyler – Not Superstitious
The Wharves – Renew
Nadia Rose – Station
The Bug – Poison Dart feat. Warrior Queen
Liberez – Захвална породица (Grateful Family)
Rattle – Stringer Bell
Lal & Mike Waterson – Fine Horseman
X-Ray Spex – Art-I-Ficial
Life Without Buildings – The Leanover
Menace Beach – Fortune Teller
Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
The Delgados – Pull The Wires From The Wall